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Scanwel is your authorised distributor of high quality Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) accessories.

In Scanning Probe Microscopy, the perfect instrument is only half of the story. The probe is equally important. We offer a wide assortment of SPM probes, ranging from the routine silicon and polysilicon cantilevers to ultra-sharp diamond-like carbon tips, probes with different coatings, for magnetic measurements, probes for SNOM and many others. To keep your instrument properly calibrated, we carry an extensive array of multiple calibration gratings as well as test samples with free deconvolution software. A range of substrates and test samples for SPM completes our product range.

ScanwelProbes is a department of Scanwel Ltd., your local distributor of NT-MDT Atomic Force Microscopes and IONTOF (NanoScan) high vacuum SPM systems in the UK and Ireland. We are resellers of NT-MDT and Tips Nano probes and accessories.

Scanwel is your local distributor in the UK and Ireland for NT-MDT Atomic Force Microscopes and IONTOF (NanoScan) high vacuum SPM systems. The ScanwelProbes sites is our outlet for probes and accessories for NT-MDT, Nanoscan and Tips Nano.